Return to the Source

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Jaap Joris Vens

A creative programmer and technical artist

As a child, Jaap Joris ran a BBS from his bedroom so his friends could download games like Prince of Persia en Commander Keen. After reading the essays of Richard Stallman he switched to GNU/Linux and learned programming, which really started his lifelong fascination for computers and software.

During his studies of Human Aspects of Information Technology he researched the influence of psychological processes on the structure of social networks. After that, he and his former girlfriend Jolanda founded Return to the Source with the goal to improve the world with creative technological initiatives. Together, they worked on many projects to achieve this goal.

Today, JJ is a programmer and sysadmin for Return to the Source. He is also a part-time teacher at Tilburg University and a part-time Copyshop employee. In his free time he is an avid photographer and designer of Lego models.