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Rauwkost Festival

The raw edge of Den Bosch

RAUWKOST is a brand new art and music festival in the rawest part of Den Bosch. Four old factories will be brewing with all sorts of music and arts. The website developer by Return to the Source features a sleek design and various filters to narrow down the available performances of the festival.

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De Sociale Sportschool

Bootcamps with wheelchairs

"The social gym" combines healthy exercise with social responsibility: young sporters and elderly people go on fitness bootcamps together where they use wheelchairs as exercise equipment. Return to the Source created both the website and the booking system.

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The hardest to reach website on the internet

The artist Malou van Doormaal asked Return to the Source to create the hardest to reach website on the internet. Challenge accepted!

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Mijn Den Bosch

Help build the future of Den Bosch

Mijn Den Bosch is a social-political project with the goal to connect citizens with their local government. People are encouraged to mobilize their communities and let their visions and ideas be heard.

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Ies Schute

Visual artist

We created a database-driven website for the visual artist Ies Schute. Thanks to a custom-made and user-friendly content management system she can finally administer her own website completely by herself.

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Turn your Pictures folder into a beautiful Photography Website!

Photog! generates a beautiful photography website by processing the “Pictures” folder on your computer. The website contains nested photography albums with chronologically sorted images. We use Photog! ourselves for our own photography website: Super Formosa Photography.

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Bolbewoners Wiki

A wiki for spherical houses

A wiki maintained by the inhabitants of the famous spherical houses in 's-Hertogenbosch.

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Wereld Ontdooien

Defrost the world from your living room!

A social art project in collaboration with De Wereldontdooisters (the World Defrosters). The website and smartphone app publish daily inspiritional assignments.

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Super Formosa

Playful and pure photography

The members of Return to the Source also have a creative side! Under the name Super Formosa Photography we produce journalistic reportages of special events.

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Aswintha Vermeulen

Website for a theatre animal

The versatile artist Aswintha asked us to design and build her a multilingual website. Thanks to an intelligent CSM she can easily maintain it herself.

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Photo Server

Elegant and reliable photoserver for city games

Photo Server is a server application used by the mobile games company Elibom for use in their GPS citygames.

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Atelier Jan van Hees

Handmade furniture in precious woods

The website of Workshop Jan van Hees has existed for over 10 years. Return to the Source added a content management system for easily adding new creations.

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Monique Broekman

Visual art

Visual artist Monique Broekman completely rebuilt her own website using a content management system specifically designed for managing portfolios.

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Geocaching Buddy

Paperless geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity in which participants use a mobile device to hide and seek containers called "geocaches" anywhere in the world. We partnered with BtStSoft to create an app for truly paperless geocaching.

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Paragraph is a work-in-progress to create an outlining text editor aimed at professional writers such as novelists and researchers.

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Peer-to-peer Android™ communication

Dyad is an Android library that uses GCM and ICE to create direct communication sockets between two devices. This enables Android apps to share data peer-to-peer.

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Connect Forever

There's only one person you have no secrets for!

Connect Forever is a romantic pair of apps to replace the wedding ring. The app shows a compass that always points to your loved one.

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Digital currency for LETS communities

Letsy is an open digital currency system for LETS communities. Anyone with an email address can send and receive letsies. We hope to provide the existing LETS communities with a solid trading platform as well as introduce a new generation to the concept of alternative economies.

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Passwordless user authentication

Nopassword is an authentication server that authenticates users by sending them an email with a one-time short-lived login link. When a user clicks that link, a secure cookie is set with an auth token that authenticates the user on subsequent requests.

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Home for horses

Equikaia is a horse guesthouse that is focused on the well-being of the horses. Because the owners rather work with horses than with computers, they asked Return to the Source to create a website that is easily editable and maintainable.

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De Doederij

Incubator of creativity

Adje van Geel started a creative area on her farm. She contacted us to help out with the accompanying website. We helped her through the process, giving her the confidence that she was able to make changes in the website herself. The administration of the website is now completely in her hands.

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The most beautiful words of every language

We want to make an elegant website where people submit and rate words. The resulting site should basically be a wordcloud of beautiful vocabulary, to provide inspiration for writers, poets and other language enthusiasts.

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Murder Mystery Brainteasers

Are you a real detective?

In this game your goal as a player is to solve a murder in a mansion. You read clues and use the knowledge to find which of the suspects is the murderer. Return to the Source created the Android version of this game, it is also available on iOS and Windows.

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De Dialoog

Art expo in Museum Slager

For the art exposition "De Dialoog" a number of old computers were refurbished and installed with a tradional Windows 95 interface.

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