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Websites for small businesses and creative professionals

Return to the Source believes that everyone should be in control of their own website. We help people create and maintain their business website, special-purpose site or online portfolio. As we encourage and assist our customers to build their own website, they save money and learn a valuable skill in the process.

Interested? You are more than welcome to visit us in person, without any obligations. During your visit you can experience the extraordinary spherical house we live in, and we will discuss your wishes for a new or renewed website. We will then offer you a custom solution including one or more of the following ingredients:

  1. Return to the Source gives a professional advice based on your needs. We can, for instance, help you get started with a service like Weebly or Squarespace that enables you to create a complete website yourself. The benefits of this solution are the low cost and great pride in creating your own website.
  2. Return to the Source provides technical support. We take care of all technical difficulties while you focus on creating the actual website. Usually, our clients pay for a set amount of support credits in advance which they can exchange as they see fit.
  3. Return to the source creates a complete website according to your wishes. The website we create includes a content management system, which means you can always log in yourself and change the content easily. You will receive a detailed price estimate in advance.

If our approach appeals to you, head on over to the contact page to schedule an appointment. Together we will devise a solution that perfectly fits your needs!

Art in the digital world

Return to the Source loves to be involved with artists and their creative projects. We specialize in building portfolio websites for artists and special-purpose websites for exhibitions and festivals. We also develop custom-made software for various purposes, like enhancing live performances. Finally, we are experienced smartphone-app builders. Please see our projects to see what we are capable of, and contact us if you want our assistence for your next artistic endeavour!

Because many artists have limited budgets, we sometimes offer our services pro bono. We are also open to trading for other goods and services. Of course, we prefer to get paid. But even if you’re on a limited budget we’d love to hear from you!

Free and open source software

Return to the Source started with the goal to improve the world with novel ideas and solutions. To achieve this goal we have bootstrapped many creative technological projects. We try to provide a breeding ground for a variety of software projects. Many of these are (or will be) released as free and open source software.

Free and open source software, according to Wikipedia, gives users the right “to use, copy, study, and change the software in any way, and the source code is openly shared so that people are encouraged to voluntarily improve the design of the software”. Return to the Source uses many free software packages, like Django on which this website is built, PostgreSQL to hold the data of all our customers and GNU/Linux, the operating system that runs on all of our servers.

We therefore find it only natural to give back as much as possible to the free software community by releasing the source code of our projects under a free license. You can view the source code of many of our projects on our public Github page. Everyone is more than welcome to build upon it themselves!